About us

The Food Myth Busters ​

The Founders.
(from left) Hayagreev Sivakumar, Krishnan Naganathan, Harsha Krishnan, Manoj Tayi

We are a bunch of myth busters, the myth that cooking is difficult, time-consuming and takes a lot of skill. 

Our mission is to ensure that everyone rediscovers the joy and pride of home cooking and make sure that lack of time or cooking skills doesn’t hold you back from creating delicious meals.  

Hog What started in a classroom in Manesar. Our founder Krishnan Naganathan was teaching innovation and entrepreneurship to MBA students at the SOIL School of Business Design.

Students were required to develop ideas into innovative concepts and one such idea was developing a digital platform to connect cooks with customers who needed cooking. 

When the idea was explored further, the real problem became apparent, people wanted to eat home-cooked food but lacked the time and/or skill to cook themselves.

Many found the preparatory activities like planning what to eat, getting the recipes and ingredients, cutting and cleaning, a big chore. They were also limited by their skills.

Can we simplify cooking and make it easy for everyone to prepare their meal? Is it possible to bring food that is more like mother’s cooking and much better than restaurant food (less oily and fresh) to everyone’s table? 

That is the problem we at Hog What have solved. It took us 6 months of research, 100s of experiments, countless sample tests and customer interviews to discover the following

  1. A humungous number of Indian professionals want to eat home-cooked food but are unable to do so as they are very busy and lack the time.  
  2. Most of them in the cities live away from extended families and have to depend upon office canteens, takeaways and unreliable cooks. 
  3. They don’t want exotic stuff, which they will anyway order in a restaurant, but want everyday food that their mothers will cook.

That’s what we are enabling. 

∙We deliver a DIY kit prepared the same day that includes fresh ingredients and user-friendly cooking instructions, ensuring a simplified and speedy cooking experience to make your favourite dishes. 

  • Our kits come equipped with recipe-specific spices, masala, and garnishes, sparing you the trouble of sourcing individual ingredients. 
  • Our kits eliminate the need for unnecessary stocks of ingredients and spices.  
  • No more washing, cutting, or disposing of waste 
  • No more post-cooking cleanup effort. Most recipes require only one or two vessels, significantly reducing the time and energy spent on cleaning 
  • And you have an ever-expanding menu list ranging from biriyani, kadai paneer, avial, chana masala to upma. 
  • We cracked the sustainability problem as well, these are now in compostable packaging!

We hope that we will be present in all the metros in a short time frame. We also hope to crack the problem of packaging meat to deliver non-vegetarian food as well. 

Meanwhile, we hope you will enjoy hogging home-cooked meals with Hog What!